Operation Procedure Of SPRO Standby Service

It is the operation procedures to regulate the ship pollution response standby behavior between Shipping Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Party A") and Ship Pollution Response Organization (SPRO, hereinafter referred to as the "Party B") and make sure of good communication between the parties after signing Ship Pollution Response Agreement (SPRA).


1. When Party A's ship has a plan to call at contracted ports of China, Party A shall provide the Ship's Basic Information Table to Party B via Email or Fax.


2. Party B shall timely send email or fax to confirm that Ship's Basic Information Table was safely received and will arrange ship pollution response standby service at that time.


3. Party B shall write message to master that he shall inform Party B of the Agreed Ship's Arrival Dynamic Information, 48 hours prior to the agreed ships' arrival in Party B's service area via email or fax.


4. Party B shall confirm safe reception, 24 hours prior to the agreed ship's arrival in the service area, and inform of agreed ship's master the Information of Ship Pollution Response via email or fax. The content must conclude the oil response vessel's name, master's name, standby place, emergency call. Master's effective contact detail and Estimated time of arrival in service area.


5. Party A's ship shall inform Party B the Ship Confirmation via email or fax, 12 hours prior to the agreed ships' arrival in the service area.


6. Party B shall timely arrange the business executive to get onboard and take the copy of Ship Pollution Response Agreement (SPRA) to master in order to strengthen master's awareness of ship pollution response and sign the SPRO Standby Service Confirmation upon vessel's berthing.


7. Party A's ship shall, 4 hours prior to the departure from Party B's service area, inform Party B of the Agreed Ship's Estimated Time of Departure(ETD) and Relevant Dynamic Information via email or fax. Party A shall confirm in writing the receipt of information. After being confirmed by the agreed ships of Party A and party B that agreed ships have departed from the service area, Party B may cancel such standby status.


In order to ensure that both sides can keep in touch with each other in the course of the emergency preparedness and response, Party A and Party B shall Abide by the requirement of Ship Pollution Response Agreement and confirm contact persons and details.